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Real estate concept.

Untangling Real Estate from an Estate

Overview of Estate Taxes in New Jersey Before January 2018, New Jersey residents were affected by two estate taxes: the estate tax, and the transfer inheritance tax. The estate tax affected estates whose assets exceeded a certain amount. The legislation

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Contract concept.

7 Clauses in the Standard Contract

I recently had this conversation with my friend MaryAnn the realtor: Me: What causes you the most consternation with your clients? MaryAnn: “As Is!” Me: How come? What’s wrong with “As Is?” MaryAnn: What does “As Is” mean?!? If you

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Section 504 plan.

When is a student eligible for a Section 504 plan?

Do you feel confused about Section 504 plans? You’re not alone! Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits schools and other organizations from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. In the school setting, Section 504 requires that students with disabilities are

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Beauty salon.

Why Your Salon Needs a Business Wellness Checkup

Within the hyper-competitive salon industry, it’s crucial to have a strong reliable team. Our business lawyers will help you make the important decisions with confidence and positively impact the future of your salon. At Posternock Apell, we regularly work with

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