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Employment Litigation

Employment Litigation Lawyers in Moorestown Protecting Your Employee Rights

The employment litigators with Posternock Apell, PC help employees in New Jersey understand their employment rights. Working with an employment litigator from our firm can make a big difference in your case and will give you a better chance to be successful if your employer is not following the law. We also work hard to build strong relationships with employees so that we can continue helping others later. For any worker who believes that they have been discriminated against by their employer based on age, race, religion or creed, national origin, sex or marital status, or disability, they may seek assistance in filing a claim with our firm. Call Posternock Apell, PC at 856-242-8151 to learn more about what we can do for you.

What is Employment Litigation?

Employment litigation is a branch of the law that deals with disputes between employers and employees. This can range from wrongful termination to workplace discrimination. The employment litigation lawyers at Posternock Apell, PC put their extensive knowledge of employment litigation to work for your business, resolving legal issues that affect your business operations.

The employment litigation process works differently for every case. Generally, employment litigators begin by identifying the legal issues involved, such as discrimination or contract breaches. The next step is for employment litigators to assess whether those legal issues will be successful in court. If they are confident the issue will be successful, they proceed with legal advice. Once all information has been gathered and analyzed, employment litigators must prepare for trial.

When Do Employees Need Litigation?

Employees should consider employment litigation when their employer has broken the law in some way and they want to hold their employer accountable for what they have done. Some examples of these situations include wrongful termination, discriminatory practices, or failure to pay wages. If you believe your employer has violated labor laws, speak with one of the employment litigation attorneys from Posternock Apell, PC immediately. There are deadlines that must be met in regards to filing a claim, so it is important not to delay. Call us today at 856-242-8151 for a consultation about your case. We look forward to speaking with you.

When Should I Consider a Employment Litigation Attorney?

If you have concerns about the employment rights of yourself or someone else, it is best to speak with one of the employment litigation attorneys at Posternock Apell, PC as soon as possible. Each case is unique so what may be applicable in one case may not be applicable in another. We are here to help you understand what legal options you have available and how we can apply those options to your situation.

If you are looking for an attorney that will advocate for your rights both inside and outside of court, Posternock Apell, PC will represent clients in the best way to accomplish your goals. When we represent clients in employment litigation, we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our staff is friendly and helpful and we look forward to speaking with you about your case.

Why Should I Hire an Employment Litigation Lawyer?

In some cases, wrongful termination occurs when an employer ends a worker’s employment without legal justification or cause. It can be wrongful if it violated a contract, was discriminatory or failed to abide by labor laws for pay and benefits. When employees are terminated from their position through no fault of their own they have been wrongfully terminated.

In most cases of wrongful termination, employers also terminated the employee in a way that violates the law. If you think you were terminated wrongfully contact Posternock Apell, PC employment litigation attorneys immediately for your consultation. We will determine if your case falls under one of the areas that we are experienced in and give you an idea of how we can best proceed with your case. Call us at 856-242-8151 today to speak with the employment lawyers.