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Don’t Just Settle: Businesses Need to Protect Themselves from Allegations of Bias

Organizations and businesses may be more vulnerable than ever to discrimination lawsuits by people who feel they have been wrongly treated. A claim like this can jeopardize your business’ reputation. All that you’ve worked for over the years can be severely damaged quickly – regardless of whether the lawsuit is warranted. Your credibility and financial future are too important to leave to chance when an employee or customer feels they have been slighted.

The truth is, especially with the Internet making it easier than ever before for a disgruntled employee or consumer to share their opinions with the world, investing in a defense against bias or discrimination allegations may be important. Even if the facts and data are on your side, you need an experienced and qualified attorney defense attorney to help keep your business, career and reputation intact.

For example, a federal judge in Delaware recently threw out a discrimination lawsuit filed by an all-girls charter school against the city’s board of education. The suit alleged that the state’s decision to revoke the school’s charter status was made because it was an all-girls school, and that the school was being judged unfairly against the state’s all-male charter counterpart. The defense has maintained that consistently poor academic performance was at the heart of the decision. The judge dismissed the case based on a lack of evidence of purposeful discrimination.

Although the facts of the case were rather clear, it could have easily gone the other way for officials at the Dover BOE. Organizations routinely settle bias matters because they just don’t want the bad PR.

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