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Hire a Real Estate Attorney to Avoid Common House Hunting Pitfalls

Due to the wealth of information on the Internet, do-it-yourself guides and the cost of working with a real estate agency, many house hunters neglect to hire a lawyer. Don’t be the next person to make that mistake.

There are many reasons to hire an attorney from the minute you start looking for a home. However, since you are about to make one of the biggest purchases of your life; it would be prudent to get an outside view.

Many people think they can handle the process on their own or just wait until closing to retain legal counsel. Real estate experts recommend hiring a lawyer right away to review even the most basic of documents, contracts and other signed agreements.

Your Real Estate Agent Has a Conflict of Interest

Let’s be serious about this, a real estate agent is going to say what they think they need to say in order to get you to buy. This could mean stretching the truth a bit, conveniently leaving out some key details or flat out lying. It’s not that an agent is trying to be underhanded, but they do get paid based on commission. When you spend money, they earn money. Consider that when relying on their expertise. Further, realtors are not allowed legally to offer legal advice. Rely on your realtor to help you find the house; rely on an experienced real estate lawyer to get you through the transaction smoothly.

Hiring a real estate lawyer ensures that you have an unbiased and highly objective third party to review everything. This includes contracts, land use and zoning laws, environmental codes and any hidden fees. Chances are you haven’t read too many real estate contracts in your life, so it would be wise to trust someone who reads them for a living.

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