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How Can a Guardianship Protect You and Your Loved Ones?

Anyone with a loved one who is elderly, incapacitated, impaired or otherwise unable to make legal and financial decisions, or who may be at risk of sustaining an injury or illness in the future that leaves them incapable of making important decisions, can take steps now to ensure that their loved one is protected and taken care of. A knowledgeable attorney should be able to help you navigate the complicated legal system, deal with New Jersey probate court and figure out any issues related to setting up a guardianship for your loved one.

What is a Guardianship?

A guardianship is a court-ordered legal relationship that gives another person responsibility for the personal affairs of another person. The guardian may be a family member, close friend, attorney or other professional appointed by the court. A guardian manages the person’s estate or property, which includes making financial decisions, handling of assets, managing bank accounts, paying bills, etc. In addition to managing a person’s finances, you may need to make specific decisions about:

Medical care: Depending on the circumstances of your loved one’s illness, injury, physical capabilities or mental state, someone might need to make decisions about their health care, dental care and emergency medical treatment.

Shelter: Your loved one may need help with their living situation. If your loved one becomes ill or incapacitated, a guardianship will empower you to help them determine where to live and handle other housing matters.

Other daily living issues: This may include things such as getting food, maintaining a proper diet, remaining properly clothed and generally ensuring a loved one’s safety and protection.

Education: Depending on the circumstances, a child may not be in a position to take care of their education and related expenses.

The attorneys Posternock Apell, PC have years of experience protecting the legal needs of guardians and conservators throughout New Jersey. We can guide you through a difficult process and create a plan that is in your family member’s best interest. Call us anytime to discuss your situation with one of our experienced attorneys and take steps to protect your loved one in the future. We look forward to your call.