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Parents Have Rights, Too!

For most school-age children, a new marking period is underway and the school year is halfway over! It’s the perfect time to take a closer look at your child’s school progress and the effectiveness of their IEP.

Is your child making progress? Are his/her IEP goals being met? If the answer is NO, then exercise your parental rights!

Parents Have Rights When It Comes to Their Child’s Education

To be part of your child’s IEP meetings.

To participate in the planning and development of your child’s IEP.

To be given prior written notice before any changes are made to the IEP.

To be given prior written notice of what the school is proposing or refusing to do regarding your child.

To have an independent educational evaluation at public expense if you do not agree with the evaluation provided by the school’s evaluators.

To request a change to your child’s current IEP.

To request a review of your child’s current IEP.

Reach out, in writing, to your child’s teacher and IEP case manager to express your concerns and to enforce the current IEP. Request to meet with your child’s teacher and IEP case manager. If necessary, request, in writing, a review or change in your child’s current IEP. You do not have to wait until the IEP Annual Review to do this.

If you are unsuccessful, you have recourse. The special education laws provide legal mechanisms, such as filing for mediation or for a complaint investigation, to protect your rights and resolve disagreements with the school. These legal protections are built into the law to protect not only your child’s rights, but your rights too.

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