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Transitioning My Special Needs Child From High School to College

Your focus is probably now on summer fun and back-to-school responsibilities remain in the back of your mind. But, why not get ahead of the game by starting to plan right now?

If your child has received special services during the years from K through 12, you may have been overwhelmed by the intricacies of maneuvering through the system. Keep in mind that transitioning your special needs child from high school to college can be equally daunting. Many parents/guardians are unaware of the steps and options available in the transition process as the child gets older and approaches either graduation or aging out of high school programs, Even those parents/guardians seasoned from years of special education experience often do not know when and where to begin. The following 4 topics are important to the transitioning of your special needs child to college:

1. IEP Transition Planning

2. SAT and ACT Testing Accommodations

3. College Accommodations: What are my Child’s Rights?

4. Privacy Rights When your child with special needs turns 18

Over the remainder of the summer, the Special Education legal team at McDowell, Posternock, Apell and Detrick, P.C. will address each of these topics in a series of blogs, providing an overview of the law and practical tips, to make you and your student more aware of your rights and the options available to you.

In the meantime, let us know what questions and concerns that you and your family are experiencing in this arena.