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Why Your Salon Needs a Business Wellness Checkup

Within the hyper-competitive salon industry, it’s crucial to have a strong reliable team. Our business lawyers will help you make the important decisions with confidence and positively impact the future of your salon.

At Posternock Apell, we regularly work with salon owners to offer our legal perspective and guidance. By working with our small business lawyers, your salon will avoid the sometimes fatal pitfalls that other salons often experience. Although each salon is unique, some of the common questions we answer for salon owners when providing a business wellness checkup include:

Does my lease contain clauses which are potentially harmful to my salon business?

One of the most common reasons that salon owners come to our small business lawyers is to review the terms of their lease. Salon owners who operate from a rented space should have a thorough review of their lease before agreeing to the terms and signing. We often speak with salon owners who unexpectedly discover that the terms of their lease hold them responsible for costly maintenance expenses of the property they are renting. Renters are only entitled to whatever their written lease agreement guarantees them. If you are renting your salon space, negotiating the terms of your lease is one of the most critical steps in setting up your business for success.

Can I avoid personal guarantees and leave repayment burdens to my business?

Let’s face it, sometimes businesses fail. In order to avoid personally guaranteeing your business’ obligations, you need to explore your options first. The best time to contact a business lawyer is before making such life-altering legal agreements.

Can I prevent my employees from leaving with the clients and “know-how” my business has provided them?

We are regularly confronted with this question by salon owners. It is in your best interest to install enforceable agreements to avoid financially damaging events before you need them. Do not provide documents for your employees to sign unless you are positive that they are protecting your best interests.

How will upcoming changes affect my salon business?

The beauty and wellness industry demands that salon owners comply with rapidly changing employment laws and competitive business models. As changes occur, it is crucial that you remain informed about the best legal practices for your salon. Our small business lawyers will work with you to ensure that you are operating your salon with the proper legal regulations in mind.

We Measure Success by the Stress We Alleviate

Dan Posternock, one of the founding partners at Posternock Apell, understands the energy and commitment it takes to build a business out of passion and vision as a business owner. With over 30 years of business law experience, Dan prioritizes your attorney-client relationship through a staunch commitment to trust, respect, and practical outcomes.

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