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Would you Hire a Purple Realtor?

As Mark Twain liked to say: “if everyone’s thinking alike, then no one’s thinking”

Our law firm’s attorneys have been working in Real Estate Law for 50 years. There have been plenty of changes, but one thing has stayed the same – the predominance of blue and red lawn signs! Re/Max, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, Colliers – their logos and lawn signs are all primarily either blue or red. Throw in the yellow of Century 21 and Weichert and that’s almost everybody summed up in only three different colors.

There’s nothing wrong with blue or red. Except that they’re the same. They haven’t changed in 50 years. They don’t stand out, they blend into the background because they are the same as all the others.

According to a study performed by logo designer 99 Designs, purple appears in only 4% of all real estate industry logos and signs and pink in less than 2%. By contrast, blue is found in 66% of real estate logos and signs and red in 29%.

Why are real estate professionals afraid to use purple or pink? While blue has long been believed to evoke trust, purple is believed by these same color psychologists to evoke wisdom and royalty – not a bad combination if you’re buying or selling a home. And while red is believed by branding psychologists to demonstrate strength, pink conjures nurturing, warmth, and friendliness – characteristics that many home buyers and sellers would certainly prefer.

And while the merits of one color or another may be debatable, there is no question that purple or pink will stand out while blue or red will only fit in.

Isn’t the point of a lawn sign to call attention to a property for sale, and to the agent and agency representing that property? One of the principles of marketing is to be the best version of yourself, don’t pretend to be someone or something you are not. So this is not to suggest that a very traditional real estate agency that is most comfortable with the old-fashioned colors should rush to change to purple. But for those out there stifling their vibrancy – we think it may be time to let your purple or pink flag fly.

Real estate professionals have long applied the psychology of color to market homes: There is most definitely an appropriate time for subdued colors. Utilizing a neutral and toned-down palate works well when you are facilitating someone’s ability to view themselves in a new home setting. But a different analysis needs to be applied to get them to that home in the first place.

The real estate professionals we work with are bright, energetic, colorful people. Would it be so wrong for them to express that through their logos and lawn signs?

What do you think? Would you work with a purple real estate agent?

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